Warriors of Chaos: Selling/Trading

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Warriors of Chaos: Selling/Trading

Post by Autarch (CM) on Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:48 pm

So, I've got 4 groups of 12 Chaos Warriors.

They're set up as a group of 12 with Hand Weapon/Shield, 12 with Halberds, 12 with Great Weapons and 12 with Dual Hand Weapons, they each have a command group.

They were built with the intention of being used as one large unit with a variety of weapons - with a variety of command groups for any marks you'd want to choose for them.

I'll put some pictures up, of course.

I'm looking to either move them for cash or just trade them for Axis miniatures for Dust, Gatormen or Tohaa from Infinity.

PM me/etc.
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