Rask/Archangel/Warpborn Alpha leaks

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Rask/Archangel/Warpborn Alpha leaks

Post by ShadowMaster on Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:14 am

Complete rules will be in the new NQ:


SPD 5 STR 7 MAT 6 RAT 7 DEF 15 ARM 15 CMD 5
Focus 6, 6 Warbeast Points
P&S 11 Blade
Trident Gun RNG 10, POW 12
- Gun can choose from three different ammo types, Arcane Interference (eEiryss' ability), Energy Siphon (hit a model with a focus or fury point, they lose a point, you gain a fury), and Paralysis (living model becomes DEF 7 and can't run or charge)
Has Sacrifice Bog Trogs, basically if Rask is killed, a Bog Trog within his command of 5 will be killed instead and he will heal a damage point.


Admonition (model can move 3" if an enemy model ends it's movement within a certain distance)

Boundless Charge (charge for free and gain +2 SPD and Pathfinder)

Fury (+3 Melee damage to model/unit, minus 1 DEF)

Inhospitable Ground (Control area becomes rough terrain)


Friendly Faction models currently in Rask's control area cannot be targeted with attacks or charges made by models more then 5" away.


SPD 6 STR 14 MAT 6 RAT 5 DEF 11 ARM 18 CMD 7
20 Points, Fury 4
One P&S 19 Bite with Consume (remove from play, small base models) and 2 P&S 17 Claws
Gun is RNG 10 AOE 3 POW 14, with Strafe (D3+1 attacks at a Primary target and any number of secondary targets within 2"), and Crit Fire
46 Hit Boxes

Animus - Draconic Aura - End within 2" of the model with this animus, get set on fire, no word on whether it is a self animus or you can toss it.

Warpborn Alpha

Stats = Same and Skinwalkers
UA for Skinwalkers
Points cost 3
Tactics: Rapid Strike (allows the unit to make a second melee attack)
Granted: Blood Drinker (After boxing a living model, you can end your combat action to heal D3 damage boxes)

Also, at Warmachine Weekend, it was confirmed that each hordes faction will get roughly 5 choices including the Gargantuans already stated. Warlocks will be Grim2, Lilith3, Makeda3, Morvanna2, Rask, and unnamed Farrow Warlock.

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