Warhammer 40K tournament Sunshine adventure gaming November 17th Free entrance (life size chain sword prize)

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Warhammer 40K tournament Sunshine adventure gaming November 17th Free entrance (life size chain sword prize)

Post by mk2 on Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:21 pm

When: Saturday, November 17th

Registration: 11:00 11:45 am

Round 1: .. 12:00 2:15pm

Round 2: .. 2:30 - 4:45pm

Break /painting competition: 4:45 5:15pm

Round 3: .. 5:15 7:30pm

Awards: . 7:30pm +

Entry Fee: Absolutely Free! Prize support is still calculated based on attendance (at our usual $10, plus GW prize support). In addition, first place winner will receive a life size Chain Sword! Everyone will also get pizza and a drink!
Tournament Details
This is a 1999+1 point tournament playable with any current Army Codex. Players must have a clearly written or typed army list to show opponent and the tournament organizer. Please bring at least 4 copies.

Victory Points will determine a win, loss, or draw. Add each together and compare with your opponent. Whoever earns the most Victory Points wins the match.
 3 points for each objective
 1 point for each Kill Point
 1 point for First Blood
 1 point for Slay the Warlord
 1 point for Line Breaker

Objectives placement:
If 5 objectives: 1 in each table-quarter and 1 in center
If 3 objectives: 2 in opposite side quarters and 1 in the center.
Mission 1
 5 Objectives Vanguard Deployment
Mission 2
 3 Objectives Hammer and Anvil Deployment
Mission 3
 5 Objectives Dawn of War

Scoring system Battle Points
 15 points for win
 9 points for draw
 5 points for loss

Bonus Battle Points:

These points are added to your Battle Points to calculate total points earned for your match.
 +1 point for each objective claimed
 +1 point for each table quarter (Claimed by a scoring unit in that quarter and uncontested.)
 +2 points for finishing the fifth turn (both players must complete their player turn)

Painting Score:

Additional Points may be earned by fielding a painted force.
 +3 Points for full 3 colors across your army (or 50% 3 colors, based, and detail beyond the norm)
 +1 Point for flocked or decorative bases
 +1 Point for painting beyond the norm (highlights, blending, light sources, etc.)

*Note: (Do not start a new turn if only 10 minutes left or if both players cannot finish the game-turn.)
*Note: (In the case of a tie, strength of schedule will be used to determine the victor. In the case that this is also a tie Kill points will be used. If this is also a tie, the players are co-champions.)

Additional Rules

 Swiss pairings will be used, meaning the players with the same or similar scores play each other. The first round will be randomly determined. Victory points will be used to determine final ranking.

Opponent concedes or tabling
 If opponent concedes you must continue to play it through as if the game was still ongoing for purposes of determining how many Goals you are able to complete.

Player Byes
 There may be tournaments when there are an uneven number of players. When this is the case, the player with the lowest score (or a randomly determined player in the first round or in result of a tie) will be given a bye. Byes result in 15 points.

On occasion a player may commit an action which results in disqualification. This may occur after the conclusion of a tournament, which may result in the loss of points and awards. When a player commits such an action, they will be removed from the roster and play no further games in the tournament.
Sample Actions include (and are not limited to):
 Using an Illegal army list
 Use of unapproved models
 Failure to follow army specific rules

Painting Competition
Alongside our monthly Warhammer 40k Tournament we will hold a Painting competition. The painting completion will be judged on several factors including painting, basing, and overall appearance.
 The rules are simple and as follows:
1. You have to glue, paint and modify all units for the contest yourself.

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