Wargames factory 15mm

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Wargames factory 15mm

Post by The Shepard on Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:21 pm

Hey there guys, I'm new to the sight and wanted to start playing fow. I've played some games before but only with a couple of friends and I would love to jump into it head first and join the fow community.

First, I live in davie and was wondering if sunshine was the only place where fow is being played? I heard that the owner can be a bit strict with models used if they are not battlefront, or something like that. I was looking to get started with the much cheaper new war games factory 15mm Germans. I just think battle front is getting really overpriced for a new player who is looking to start from scratch, and I personally thing the detail on WF models is better than BF (IMHO).

I love the rules and tanks and such but for infantry I think WF has done a great job. So if I show up with a all WF German army would I be "frowned" upon I guess the word is lol? I have most of the older books already and just need to settle on a force, but was really liking the Germans.

How often do you guys play,and do you guys play any other historicals?

Thanks for the help ahead of time and hope to meet and play all of you soon

The Shepard

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Re: Wargames factory 15mm

Post by rokassan on Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:41 am

If you mix in an occasional battlefront blister you can get away with other models. My Early war French S-35's are all Old Glory. You buy one or 2 blisters from him and he shouldnt notice. If he starts asking questions just tell him you just started playing and youve already started an army. That way he wont be able to keep tabs on what you have.The guys play every Thursday. Jhope is the man to talk to to set up a game. I pretty much play at home or friends houses simply because of having kids and my work schedule.

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