Sunshine Adventure Gaming weekly Wednesday Tournament and monthly Saturday tournmanet info

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Sunshine Adventure Gaming weekly Wednesday Tournament and monthly Saturday tournmanet info

Post by mk2 on Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:52 am

The monthly 40K tournament that determines a golden ticket winner (that will be able to attend the yearly pro tournament) begins this Saturday.

Stay tuned for missions.

Also there is a weekly Wednesday tournament at Sunshine Adventure gaming that takes place every Wednesday between 3:00:PM and 8:00pm.

There are many contestants with great prize money (up to $40 for 1st place with a $5 entree fee) and it has proven to be quite fun. Here are the weeks missions for Wednesday (the pro tourney missions on Saturday are yet to be determined).

First Mission:

so the first mission for wednesday @ 3 pm.. here we go


this will be 1500 points as usual. this also follows the normal rules for annihilation missions but with 1 acception, for every 50 points a unit costs, it will give that many killpoints, to a minimum of 1. so for example a 300 point terminator squad gives up 6
kill points when it is destroyed, a 35 point rhino still gives 1 KP when it is destroyed, when calculating how many KP's a unit is worth in this fashon, do not calculate the transport as it is its own KP. HQs or any independent characters add +2 to the KP's when they are destroyed, so for example abbadon, who is 250+ will give a total of 7 KP when he is killed (5 for every 50 pts hes worth and +2 for the HQ kill). this mission uses the SPEARHEAD deployment and will be 1 hr 45 minutes with a total of 6 fixed turns.

Second Mission

ok so for the second mission

this will be an objective mission. there will be four objectives so divide the table into 4 quarters and place an objective marker in the center of each table quarter. after both sides have deployed, roll a d3 for each objective. each objective is worth d3 points so for example a battle ground could look like this..

3 1
1 2

add the modifiers to the win after the battle,, so for example a winner would have 20 and any objective points he controled at the end of the battle. this mission uses the pitched battle deployment.. 1 hour and 45 minutes

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