the cult ties a game!

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the cult ties a game!

Post by chef xenos on Thu May 27, 2010 9:05 pm

first off let me say i'm sorry to the guy that i was playing for the mess up on the infiltrate rule.

battle:children of the hive vs tau
mission: 5 objectives
deployment: table quadratures

that being said the cult amazingly lived past turn 3.turn one and 2 was mostly running across the table uselessly firing the 5 lascannon squad (which didnt even hit a target till turn 3!) and watching my russ's battlecannon scatter around aimlessly and every fleet/run as no higher then 3 inches Sad. but o did turn 3 turn around. my gun trucks actlly started wounding things even if my las-cannons wouldnt, daaaaaaaaaaamn you bs2!!! even had 3 of the objectives at one point now you mabey be saying "o where is the tau shooting?" well luckly on turn one he wrecked all 3 of my sentails on top the center hill which provided yummy cover. but it wasnt all good however it was all fun. manly when one of my intites threw his shcatchel charge and the broadside suits that wasnt even 5 inches in frount of them and scattered straight back 10" blowing up(str7,ap2,large blast) killing 2 squads of brothers and penetrating a gun truck cause it to explode 4" taking out another half squad. hope to get more games in with them.

final score: children of the hive=1 objective and contesting one
tau: 1 objective and contesting one
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