1750 MW British Paratroops for Recon 2010

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1750 MW British Paratroops for Recon 2010

Post by scurrdi on Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:12 pm

Alright guys, here's my list for Recon 2010. It's actually the same list for Sieze & Hold as well.

1750 MW British Paratroopers

-HQ w/ 2 PIAT teams

+Full Paratrooper Platoon

+Full Paratrooper Platoon

+Full Paratrooper Platoon

+Full Airlanding Recce Platoon w/ PIAT team (2 jeeps armed with MGs)

+Full Paratrooper Mortar Platoon

+Full Paratooper Engineer Platoon w/ Flamethrower

+Full Airlanding ATG Platoon (6 pdr) w/ jeeps

+Full Airlanding Field Battery Platoon (Pack Howitzers)

8 Platoons, exactly 1750

What do you guys think?

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