Italian attack falters.11/01/07

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Italian attack falters.11/01/07

Post by rokassan on Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:22 pm

Axis troops attempted to drive into Jordan today. German armor and Italian Infantry drove up the left flank of defending British troops in a small village in Jordan, the attack faltered under a withering hail of defensive fire. Eventually Italian Assault Guns and Infantry would out flank the English and wipe out the Infantry platoon holding the objective, but in turn after a vicious counter attack and hand to hand combat the English would retake the positions. Axis forces have returned to their start lines in the Gaza strip to prepare for their next move. Our beloved and missed propaganda photographer has yet to be replaced and a vengeful Italian Infantryman killed the English combat cameraman while he was taking a dump in a front line trench. So no pics are available.
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