Axis(bill) vs Brits(Eric)......Axis forces retake the Suez

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Axis(bill) vs Brits(Eric)......Axis forces retake the Suez

Post by rokassan on Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:21 pm

Today German and Italian forces ambushed and then attacked and destroyed a British Tank company holding Cairo and the the west side of the Suez Canal. A column of Sherman tanks and artillery were ambushed by well concealed anti-tank guns. The surviving units immediately counter attacked knocking out the two guns but were in turn taken out by a platoon of Panzer 3's and 4"s. A Crusader platoon attempted to flank and German armor but were in turn annihilated by a platoon of Italian assault guns. In the end Italian infantry and rushed up and took the bridge spanning the Suez and drove off a determined attack by British Motorized infantry.Palestine is the next target. Il Duce and the Feurher are proud. many medals have been awarded to brave soldiers of both Germany and Italy.
No propaganda photos are available....our war correspondent Frederico Patuli was killed in action while documenting the great victory, a British sniper ended his career.....ok, my wife put the camera somewhere and I couldnt find it.
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