Italo-German force(Bill) halts British(Eric) advance.

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Italo-German force(Bill) halts British(Eric) advance.

Post by rokassan on Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:21 pm

Today Axis forces held off two massive attacks attempting to drive into Libya. Axis forces have been reeling after several close but costly defeats. The British theater commander had decided to drive the Afrika Corps consisting of German and Italian troops out of Libya and then North Africa. In the Mediterranean the Reggia Marina dealt the Royal Navy several major defeats and opened the convoy routs to Libya. British forces threw themselves at the Axis lines and were stone walled by a small force of Panzers, Italian Assault guns and PAK38 anti-tank guns. The Italian infantry never reached the front lines. The British commander Brigadier Kopp seeing that the Axis force never received its Infantry support launched another attack spearheaded by the new Churchill heavy tanks and Motorized Infantry. Unknown to the English the Elite 8th Bersaglieri infantry Battalion had reinforced the defenders as had 2 75mm anti-tank guns and a battery of 100mm artillery from the Littorio Armored Division. The Churchills would arrogantly drive up the middle of the Axis lines and eventually be cut to peices by a Lone Panzer 4 and a platoon of Semovente assault guns. The British infantry would walk straight into an ambush conducted by the "nonexistent Italian Infantry" and be wiped out to a man. The is a great day for the Axis cause and with our supply lines opened a great offensive is in the works.
Thats two victories in a one day no less.
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