The Italian Navy successfully gets supplies to Tobruk.

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The Italian Navy successfully gets supplies to Tobruk.

Post by rokassan on Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:20 pm

Yesterday a convoy of 12 transports carrying supplies bound for
North Africa was attacked by a small force of the Royal Navy, it
consisted of 3 destroyers, 3 subs and a Light Cruiser(the Suffolk).
Escorting the Italian convoy were 6 Navagatori class Destroyers, 2
heavy Cruisers(Trento and Trieste) and the old veteran Battleship Caio
Duilio. In the first few minutes Trento had sunk a British Destroyer
with a broadside from her 8 inch guns. The British subs would turn up
a avenge their lost comrade torpedoing Trieste and eventually sinking
her. Italian destroyers moved in to launch a torpedo strike against
the light Cruiser Suffolk damaging her and the Italian battleship
would fire a broad side and cripple the British Cruiser.Unknown to the
Caio Duilio a British sub would be stalking her and launch several
torpedo strikes causing damage but never being able to take the Old
Veteran out of the fight. The battle would go back and forth until the
Suffolk and a lone British Destroyer attempted to close with the Caio
Duilio. As they closed with her they felt the full fury of her 12.6
inch guns. Both ships would be sent to the bottom, but not before the
Destroyer was able to launch her torpedos. The veteran battleship
armor would hold though. An Italian Destroyer would come to Caio
Duilio's rescue and chase off the British sub which would launch another
torpedo spread unsuccessfully. In the end the British would loose 1
sub, 2 Destroyers and a Light Cruiser to the Italians 1 Heavy Cruiser
and 2 Destroyers, But in the end all of the transports ran the
Gauntlet and survived making it to Tobruk bringing much needed
supplies. Caio Duilio will be in dry dock in Taranto for 3 months for
reairs as will the Trento. This was a badly needed victory boosting
Italian morale.
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