Il Duce was not antisemetic.

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Il Duce was not antisemetic.

Post by rokassan on Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:13 pm

The relationship between Mussolini and Adolf Hitler was a contentious one early on. While Hitler cited Mussolini as an influence, Mussolini had little regard for Hitler, especially after the Nazis had assassinated his friend and ally, Engelbert Dollfuss the Austrofascist dictator of Austria in 1933.

With the assassination of Dollfuss, Mussolini attempted to distance himself from Hitler by rejecting the racialism and anti-Semitism of Hitler. Mussolini during this period rejecting biological racism and instead emphasized "Italianising" the parts of the Italian Empire he had desired to build.[36] Mussolini claimed that cultural superiority of a nation was possible but that a biologically-superior race was not.[36] The difference was that a culture can be learned, while a race cannot.

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