05/25/07 Brits(Eric) vs. Italians(Bill)

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05/25/07 Brits(Eric) vs. Italians(Bill)

Post by rokassan on Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:18 pm

Today an adhoc force of Italian troops who were returning to the rear
for rest and refit were caught in the middle of an enemy attack and
observed a column of enemy Armor and motorized infantry moving into
position.The Italian commander realized he had to stop these
reinforcements from reaching the front.Captain Barone set up his two
Lancia trucks with their 90mm gun into an ambush position and ranged
in his artillery and a platoon of Semovente and 47mm anti-tank guns
moved in as well.The Captain would have to wait for his Infantry and
M-14 tanks to catch up.As the Shermans advanced the 90mm guns opened
up.In seconds two Shermans were burning and the crew of the third had
bailed.On the right side of the Captains advance a massive Armor
battle erupted.M-14's and Semovente's of the Ariete armored division
clashed with Crusader tanks of Monty's 8th army.As the battle
progressed it seemed as if the Italian armor may break through but a
Few straggling Crusaders were rallied by the British company commander
and made their stand in a well defended position.With their light
armor and bad luck the suviving M-14's and Semovente's were forced
back and retired from the feild.The two Lancia guns made a fericious
stand knocking out anymy fighter and armor,but were over run by enemy
infantry.Two platoons of Basiglieri attempted to force a stalemate and
over ran enemy positions.Captain Barone took personal command and
almost succeded,but was forced to pull back to avoid having his men
slaughtered.The Captains efforts were not in vain as the enemys mail
attack has been delayed allowing for more Axis troops to fortify thier
positions on the east side of the Suez.Captain Barone will recieve the
Military Valor award for his bravery.
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