05/20/07 Italians(Bill) vs. Brits(Eric)

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05/20/07 Italians(Bill) vs. Brits(Eric)

Post by rokassan on Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:18 pm

On Friday British forces attempted to take a vital Egyptian village
off the coast of the Suez in order to push Italian\German forces onto
the wast side of the canal,this comming off of a stunning victory won
by the British earlier in the month.The British commander decided to
use his secret weapon that broke the Italian\German forces in the
previous battle,but this time Il Duce's soldiers were ready.A section
of Italian "88"'s were positioned in a vital area over looking almost
the entire battlefield.As Brigadier Kopps secret weapons attempted to
cross the battlefield they were met with a hail of 88mm shells.These
secret weapons were the dreaded Churchill heavy tanks,named after
their beloved Prime Minister.A mere three of these beasts were enough
to break the Axis forces in the previous battle,but this time Axis
troops were ready.Even with the support of a Panzer 4 f2 with its
powerful 75mm gun it was almost useless against the steel beasts,but
the well placed "88"'s crewed by Il Duce's finest were more than a
match for this weapon.Lacking high explosive shells the Churchills had
to rely on the RAF to cover their advance past the "88"'s.......it
wasnt enought.After enduring a hail of enemy fire and losing one 88
the remaining gun with help from the surviving crew from the other gun
held off air attacks downing two enemy Hurricanes and knocking out two
of the three Churchills.A platoon of Combat Engineers conduted a
rearguard action covering a platoon of Basiglieri as they advanced to
occupy the villiage.Eventually two platoons of British soldiers
flanked the villiage and attepted to take it.They were met by two
platoons of Basiglieri and twp Panzer IIIm's.The British were wiped
out.It was a great victory of the Axis alliance.
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