Tanksgiving Brief AAR

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Tanksgiving Brief AAR

Post by scurrdi on Wed Dec 03, 2008 3:15 am

On Nov. 24th Russian and American armor engaged in a combined effort to remove the German threat from a town on the southeastern side of Germany. Both sides mustered 5 Tank Companies to do battle, ranging in at around 25,000 pts of tanks.

Even though the Germans were outnumbered they had the benefit of several Tiger platoons coming in from reserve (ambush) to assist where neccessary. However in the end the purely over 2 to 1 (sometimes 3 to 1) number of tanks on the table proved to be too much for the great Axis power, and they were forced to pull out of the village in order to regroup.

Tanksgiving was pretty fun I must admit, considering it was my first time ever playing a tank company. It seemed like most everyone (despite the arguments) had a good time and between the wonderful terrain (thanks to Joel's and also Dave for bringing all his stuff to help set up the board, JC contributed as well) and greatly painted armies we had an epic battle.

Here's the link to the album of my photos. I'll let you guys look through it. I just figured I needed to get these up before finals consume my life.

Tanksgiving 2008 Pics


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