Germans v Brits

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Germans v Brits

Post by smirkweasel on Sun Nov 30, 2008 8:46 pm

Had a battle today against Matt's German Infantry.
The scenario was Encounter.
I did very poorly. Our forces were built using Afrika. I had 10 platoons to his 6.
Despite having numbers, I lost. I played defensively and got picked apart by the Germans.
I have played aggressively before and got chewed up by the reserves entering the board
once my platoons were across the table. Sometimes though you got to move.
Timing was not on my side this game. Matt got his reserves where he needed them.
Surprisingly, I made all my motivation tests not to flee for being below 50% on all my platoons
(that had to test).
The Churchills went away. That was from a firefight with the Panzer IVs and Panzer IIIs.
I'll work with the list some. I need more AT platoons. A second tank platoon maybe.

The Germans had
Two Pioneer platoons.
One Rocket Artillery,
One 88mm Platoon,
One Tank platoon (5 tanks),
2iC made a sixth platoon.

The British had
four Rifle platoons (reduced)
one tank platoon
one carrier patrol
one Heavy machine gun platoon (MMG carriers)
one 6 pounder portee
one artillery platoon
one pioneer platoon.

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