Ideas on Tourney Scenarios

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Ideas on Tourney Scenarios

Post by luis the young on Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:59 am

Was messign arround with ideas for Scenarios for future tournaments and came out with some things that could be added to our games to make them, more interresting.

1) Paratroopers: nominate as much as half your "Infantry" units for reserve and this can come in as Paratroopers, before the game starts the player using paratroopers must mark their entry point on the map secretely. when paratroopers come in they can be shot at by H.machine guns and AA guns as they drop, the paratroopers count as gone to ground/foxholes ( is hard to hit a man size figure while it moves with the wind ) once paratroopers land they may not launch an assault, but they may shoot or dig in. If the paratroopers land on top of enemy bases, then the paratroopers count as being charged, they can conduct defensive fire but act as if they were pinned.

2) Mine Fields: each side has 2 mine tokens that can be placed secretely in the field, at least 8 inches away from the oponents deployment zone, use the template to determined the size of the mine field. Mine type must be decided at the beguining of the battle "Anti tank or Anti Infantry"
one of each can be selected. Troops entering the Mine Field suffer D6 hits and are automatically pinned, Tanks entering a Mine field will take D3 hits at stregth 8 against their Side Armor. If the army includes sappers/pioneers they can attempt the uncover and disarm the mines on a D6 roll of 6 for each mine token.

Thinking about a couple more. What do you guys think ?


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Re: Ideas on Tourney Scenarios

Post by scurrdi on Sat Oct 25, 2008 12:51 am

Hehe Luis, you need to read the rulebook bud! Very Happy

For your first one. They already have a senerio in the Afrika book called "Death from Above" where paratrooper armies can switch it out for any FFA mission that is being played. Afrika (and probably D-Day-1) has all the rules for parashooting in, as well as what happens, etc. In hindsight you probably wouldn't have either of these books as you only play Russians, but the rules are there so borrow someone's Afrika book!

For your second one The big main rulebook has a whole chapter dedicated to fortifications, including minefields. Whenever you play a mission with the "prepared positions" special rule (ie Hold the Line or Cauldron) and you have a pioneer platoon/company with a supply truck you can place either two 8'' strips of minefield or three 8'' strips of barbed wire. They also have rules and missions in the main rulebook for battles that can for bunkers and other things like that, with the point allotments varying depending on the number of fortifications used.

Minefields in FOW are nasty. Skill test to cross and if you fail you roll your save or be destroyed. Tanks roll against their top armor against AT 6 with a 1+ FP!!

Good ideas to spice things up, but I personally think that by playing some of the 7 missions that are in the rulebook you can get alot of variety.

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